Explaining the cat's purr, why our cats do the things they do, and other fantastic feline fun facts

Why do some cats purr louder than others?

Why do cats purr loudly sometimes, and others, not?  The answer, it seems, is physiology.  Why do some people talk louder than others?  Why do some people have deep voices, while others a re shrill?  It is the same with cats.

Cats are born with differing physical attributes, just as people.  Usually it is genetic, but environment and nutrition also play a role.  Also, cats have differing personalities and psychologies, and as the cats purr is often an emotional response and indicator, your cats overall mood and outlook affect the frequency and intensity of how the cat purrs.

why do cats purr happy Why do some cats purr louder than others?


It is always important to maintain a happy cat lifestyle to maintain a happy cat purr. Ensure that your kitty has plenty of toys and attention, and that they are content with their food type and supply.


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